Steve Stavrakakis

Professional Airshow Pilot and Announcer Steve Stavrakakis was destined for a career in aviation long before his first aircraft ride in a family friends Luscombe at age 11. By then, he was already a dedicated fan of Bud Fountains Gold Coast Air Shows and Twelve O'Clock High, and could freehand draw all the planes from memory!  
Buying his first aircraft, a Belanca Citabria (airbatic spelled backwards) in pieces before his first flying lesson, he proceeded to rebuild it and teach himself aerobatics before even earning his Private License! With less than 400 total flight hours, Steve bought his first of three Czech Zlins and entered the professional Airshow arena as the Greek Air Force.     

In the 90’s Steve earned worldwide notoriety and the nickname “Wild Thing” with his European Extreme style of flying learned while training with the Czech National Aerobatic Team.  His trademark Lomcevoks and seemingly out-of-control tumbles were known far and wide. He also wowed U.S. crowds with his very moving “Tribute to the American Vet” airshow performance which he still flies today. 
Along with all of his in-air antics, Steve was summoned to the announcing stand to share his knowledge, and a second career was launched! Steve’s ability to transpose ground-bound airshow fans into the cockpits with their favorite aerial performers made him an instant hit!

As Steve puts it; “If you haven’t experienced 10 g’s, you can’t describe 10’g’s!” Steve has!

This gives him a distinct advantage over non-performing announcers, and makes him a fan favorite with both novices and veteran airshow fans alike! His popularity has earned him repeat invitations at some of the most prestigious shows going including the National Championship Reno Air Races, and the Red Bull Air Race Championships for FOX Sports.     

Sit back and enjoy the taste of smoke oil, bone crunching
G’ forces, and the thrill of flight as Steve puts you in the cockpit with your aerial heroes!
Professional Narration Through The Mind, Eyes, And Words Of A Veteran Airshow Performer.

"Tribute To The American Vet";
Day Shows With Colored Smoke, And Full Night Pyrotechnic Performances.

We Out-Fly
The Entertainers and Out-Entertain The Flyers!
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